Acarizax® in cases of allergic rhinitis due to house dust mite

Zorginstituut Nederland carried out an assessment of whether the medicinal product Acarizax® is interchangeable with a drug currently included in the GVS. The Zorginstituut, advised by the Scientific Advisory Committee (WAR), came to the following conclusion:

Acarizax® is not interchangeable with any product in the GVS. A product that is not interchangeable and which has the same therapeutic value can only be placed on List 1B if no additional costs are involved. As the price of Acarizax® is the same as that of the subcutaneous drugs that are currently used for these patients (incl. Alutard®), and complete substitution does not lead to additional costs, the Zorginstituut advises the Minister to include the dust mites (Acarizax®; 12 SQ-HDM SLIT) on List 1B.