Hydroquinine (Inhibin®) for patients with nocturnal muscle cramps

Zorginstituut Nederland has completed its assessment whether hydroquinine (Inhibin®) is interchangeable with any other product currently included in the medication reimbursement system (GVS). The Zorginstituut recommends that hydroquinine should not be included in the GVS.

Registered indication

Hydroquinine is indicated for patients with nocturnal muscle cramps, if medicinal treatment is necessary. Hydroquinine is available as a 100 mg tablet. The recommended dosage is 2 coated tablets at dinner, followed by 1 coated tablet before bedtime, for 14 days.


The pharmaco-therapeutic report shows no clinical relevant effect of hydroquinine treatment, compared to placebo. There is a risk that patients will use hydroquinine longer than the recommended maximum duration of 2 weeks. This results in additional health risks.

The Zorginstituut has submitted the pharmaco-therapeutic draft report for consultation to various relevant parties. The Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG), the Dutch Society of Neurology (NVN) and the Netherlands Patient Federation have indicated that they agree to the draft report or have no comments.

Zorginstituut's advice

The Zorginstituut recommends that hydroquinine should not be included in the GVS.

The Zorginstituut is of course prepared to reassess the package eligibility of hydroquinine when additional research data not previously assessed by the Zorginstituut lead to scientific publications. 

This report is a summary of recommendations by Zorginstituut Nederland. The original text is in Dutch.