Zinnige Zorg - Systematic Analysis of neoplasms

Zorginstituut Nederland published this report within the context of a systematic examination of the insured package.1 For this report, the investigation started with a systematic analysis of the ICD-10 domain 'Neoplasms' (C00-D48). The analysis focuses specifically on after-care in relation to the five most prevalent malignant diseases. The point of departure of every investigation is the perspective of the patient and the care he or she needs.

Zinnige Zorg (Appropriate Care)

Zorginstituut Nederland’s motto is "Taking care of good health care: no more and no less than necessary". Every citizen must be able to count on receiving good health care. No more and no less than is necessary, while also avoiding unnecessary costs.
As a public organisation, the Zorginstituut assesses health care systematically. We assess whether diagnostics and (therapeutic) interventions are being deployed in a patient-oriented, effective and cost-effective manner. We do these analysis within the framework of the 'Zinnige Zorg' (Appropriate Care) programme of Zorginstituut Nederland.